Bollywood star Sahil to be India’s superstar Chhetri retires after Sahal to be next big scorer, says Bhaichung Bhutia


Kolkata: Baichung Bhutia has said that after Sunil Chhetri, Malayalee star Shahl Abdul Samad will be the star of Indian football. Bhutia is also India’s top scorer after Chhetri retires. Bhutia made the remark during an Instagram live for the Indian Super League.

Sunil Chhetri will become India’s leading player after achieving the goal. Sahal plays mostly in the role of the attacking midfielder. Saheel can also score more goals if he is less confident about scoring goals and shots, according to Bootia.

Sunil Chhetri is India’s most famous cricketer. Bootia added that India will become the future of football.

Earlier, Kerala Blasters captain Bartholomew Ogbache had predicted that India would be the next Chhetri sahal. Asked by a fan on Facebook Live, Yvette made the comment.

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