bollywood actor solanki diwakar selling fruits to earn living in corona virus lockdown | No way to live on lockdown: Bollywood actor selling fruit on the street


Lockdown film industry in the country has been severely affected. Every day, junior artists and other artists are struggling to make ends meet. Solanki Diwakar, a Bollywood actor, is selling fruits in the streets of New Delhi.

The actor told ANI that he started buying fruit after he had no other means to house and nurture his family.

The actor was spotted in a new movie starring the late Rishi Kapoor. But his sudden demise and the halt of film-shooting due to lockdown have brought the film to a standstill.

Born in Agra, Solanki’s family moved to Agra in 1995. They used to do housework and sell fruits. Later he got the chance to act in plays. And so on. She has acted in films such as Hawa, Halca, Titli and Dream Girl. Since there were no movies now, I had to take to the streets again.

Solanki is optimistic that her coronation will end and she will be able to act in films again.

From the movie Dream Girl


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