bollywood actor sell fruits | There is no way to live on lockdown, Bollywood actor selling fruit


With the announcement of a lockdown to combat the corona virus, many areas have been stagnant. It has also affected the film industry. This has mostly affected the film industry’s daily wage, as film shootings have been interrupted. Solanki Diwakar, a well-known actor in the Bollywood film Dream Girl, has been in the news for years.

Solanki Diwakar says that even though the coronavirus is not infected, it will eliminate the hunger and the family. Solanki sells fruits on the streets of New Delhi. He told the media that the sale of fruit began as he had no other option but to rent his house and feed his family.

Solanki Diwakar has also acted in Bollywood films such as Hawa, Hulka, Titli and Dream Girl. Though he recently got a chance to work in a new movie, Rishi Kapoor is all set to make a comeback.


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