Bogdana Karadocheva: You have to be real to Levski and love him


The legendary pop singer Bogdana Karadocheva once again testified her love for the capital’s great Levski. In an interview with Darik Radio, the hereditary Levski player commented on her point of view on the situation of the “blues”. Bogdana is the daughter of Ivan Karadochev, who was in charge of Levski in the 1940s, when the club was the undisputed hegemon in football in Bulgaria.

“I follow with great anxiety what is happening, because for me and my family Levski is something big, great and fateful. In the early 40’s Levski was in a similar situation. Then my father and his friend Redzhov bought some fields , and the construction of Gerena Stadium begins on them.

They did this absolutely selflessly and only with love. He was one of the founders of the club. He was the godfather of most of the players, such as Patrata and Dervenski, and I attended their weddings as a child. To my mother’s horror, he took me to the stadium when I was 40 days old. Levski has had so many millions of fans during these 106 years. All these generations have shown love and loyalty to Levski. You have to be real and love Levski. Levski will emerge. He has done it many times, “said Bogdana Karadocheva.

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