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Levski legend Stefan Aladzhov expressed hope for the future of the “blue” club, which today celebrates its 106th birthday.

Aladzhov joined the show “Sunday of NOVA” and was interviewed by another current figure from “Gerena” – Titi Papazov.

“Levski is a religion! There is nothing to talk about. The audience has always been Levski’s 12th player. No matter where we played here in Sofia or elsewhere, the stadiums were crowded. A deep bow to all our supporters for what has been happening lately. Despite the crisis, they are separating from their bite so that Levski can have it. I guess things will get better. Nasko has given a lot both as a footballer and as a manager, so we rely on him “, Aladzhov commented.

“Look, I’ve played for Levski almost all my life. There was no other way, I stood behind Nasko when he called me. I’ve always been behind him. I can’t be behind other people, I voted for him, “he added.

“Levski has existed for many years and will continue to exist. Of course, fans are very important for the development of the club. I know from experience that when the audience supports you gives you new strength. The audience must be constantly with the team. I see a lot lately positive trends in this regard “, said Dobromir Zhechev on your part.

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