Blood endless protests in the US! Victims are rising, Reuters reporters are injured


A Reuters television operator and an accompanying security adviser were injured during protests that escalated into violence in Minneapolis, the agency said.

Cameraman Julio Cesar Chavez covered the protests in the city, caused by the death of a colored man at the hands of police. Footage taken by him shows a police officer firing directly at him and he was hit by rubber bullets. Security Adviser Rodney Stewart was similarly injured.It’s scary in Minneapolis and Atlanta! The protesters completely went wild VIDEO

The two members of the Reuters television crew sought refuge at a nearby gas station.

Reuters has sent an inquiry to the Minneapolis police regarding the incident. A police spokesman asked for a copy of the shots taken by the photographer and has not yet commented on what happened.

Both members of the Reuters television crew have wounds on their hands, Chavez was wounded in the back of the head, and footage from the television shows that a doctor helped him on the spot and because of a deep wound under his left eye.

Meat shootings bleed protests in the USA, looters are raging, there are more victims VIDEO

Both members of the Reuters television crew had documents clearly certifying that they worked for the news media. Chavez even carried his press card around his neck. Stewart, on the other hand, wore an armored vest with a press card attached to it.

Meanwhile, Indianapolis, Indiana authorities said at least one person was killed and three injured during protests there.

We recall that the wave of protests caused by the death of George Floyd spread across the country. As of Thursday, 1,400 people have been arrested in demonstrations that have escalated into violence in many American cities, US electronic media reported.

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