Bitter! The most beautiful folk singer got engaged PHOTOS


A few days ago the folk singer Gloria returned the engagement ring to her ex-boyfriend, Andrea also missed a wedding from Kubrat Pulev, but for another of their colleagues things are going more than happily.

Quite surprisingly, the news came about the engagement of one of the big and vocal pie makers, who skillfully hides her personal life in the media.

The folk singer Rositsa Peycheva boasted of an engagement ring by her friend Nikolay Petrov. “A wonderful event for our beautiful nightingale! A lot of joy, happiness and a long family life, filled only with positive moments,” write her loyal fans.

The singer’s music company also greeted the happy couple with the words: “May understanding, happiness and harmony be your eternal companions in life. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart, dear Rossi and Nikki.”

Roddy has a boy and a girl from the drummer from Vievska folk group Milko Uzunski, who in 2014 took his own life. He was found hanged in front of a dozen mangers in Plovdiv. At that time Rossi and Milko were separated, but her children had a hard time experiencing this family tragedy, writes.

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