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Doctor Rejith Kumar is a contestant who has conquered the hearts of the audience through Bigg Boss Season 2. The unexpected departure of top contender Rejith Kumar has saddened fans. Regit Zar, who maintains good rapport with his fans, is still interacting with his fans through social media. Rejith Kumar’s festive gift has now gone viral on social media. He himself has shared about his gift to social media. He also hints that he is seeking a prize each year.

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This is how Prithviraj’s Quarantine life is, the star who shared the picture and celebrated the fans

Padma Shri Rafi arrived this year with the gift of MA Yusufali Sir. Rejith shared the picture saying ‘Thank you’. Rejit Zar shared a picture of herself standing with another man with an envelope. This was a picture from the front of the house. Rejith Kumar had earlier clarified his relationship with Yusuf Ali. He said he had been friendly for years. The photo of the award receiving from Koodooosefali has been posted on the Facebook page.

I know my father won’t be able to return, but I want it to be, emotionally, Ann

Dr Rejith Kumar has a close relationship with singer Gandharvan KJ Yesudas. While attending the Bigg Boss Show, he was talking about his relationship with Jesus on his birthday. The doctor shared about talking to Yesudas on the phone. The actor also claimed that Mohanlal had called her after his exit.

He shared the picture sent by Mohanlal on his Instagram page. It was the picture of Mohanlal’s mother. I know how precious this photo that Lalette has lovingly sent me today, was that Rizit Kumar shared the picture with a greeting card. Rejith Kumar’s close relationship with Mehan Lal is clear from this post. Former Bigg Boss star, model and actor Shiaz Kareem has also reached out to commenters.

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