Bibin George commemorating the prophecy of Lohithadas


Young screenwriter Bibin George shares memories of screenwriter Lohithadasin. Bibin recounted his experience in a Facebook group when he went to audition for Lohithadasin Chakram. He writes that Lohithadas had said that he would go to film there.

One of the best memories of my life was when I was studying at Kala Bhavan where an assistant director came to me. Then he said, “There is a new movie coming out called Lohitas Das sar Chakram It’s for a character. Can one come and see Sir? ”It was a great pleasure for a sixteen-year-old to make such an offer. At that time, my greatest desire in life was to become an actor. Not even thinking about being a screenwriter. It was a time when no skit was written.
As my father was going to work, Binu Uncle took my expenses and went with me to Palakkad. My audition was just a sight for me. The audition was for a role with Prithviraj Chettan. As soon as he saw me, I was very uptight and did not fit into that combo character with Raju Chetan. He said it right there.

Later the character was done by Vijesh (Nulunda). I never felt disappointed. Instead, I was just looking at him. Repetition, Crown, His Highness Abdullah, Amara and so on … I was a fan boy at the time, watching a lot of movies. I have always been wondering how to create such stories between family relationships.

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