Bharat and His Highness Abdullah on TV yesterday vinod kovoor about nedumudi venu | nedumudi venu birthday


KaMimicry actor and actor Vinod Kovoor shared a Facebook post about him on the birthday of Nedumudi Venu. Vinod has also acted with Adam’s son Abu and new shores. Vinod also mentions the fun he had when he imitated his own dialogue.

Venu Chettante has been worshiping since the days he saw ‘Apunni’ many years back. How many characters again and again. I remember being given a shake hand at the Tagore Hall at the Kozhikode shoot of the movie ‘Bharatham’. Acting ambition is time. When it comes to imitating the latest movie stars in comedy shows, Nirmal and Devan are mimicking many stars. It is not. I got a mic from my hand that was unannounced.

Nedumudi Venu is the highest peak of acting. When the dialogue is finished, the audience gets their hands on it. I try to emulate Venu Chettan, now and forever. Venu Chettan’s acting style came to fruition. In the meantime, Salimka gave me a role in Salim Ahmed Saar’s Adam Adam Makan Abu which was nationally recognized. Moetheen the fisherman. Director Salimka said when he arrived at the location. The first scene is with Venu Chettan. He thanked all the gods for the unbearable joy. Salimka introduced me to Venu Chettan. I told him about my worship. He acted on his feet and blessed himself. She told me some things to consider during rehearsal. Sean O’Keefe was on the first take. Venu Chettantha got commendation. Sathyan Anthikkad’s film ‘Puthiye Theerangal’ was later paired up. I was able to share many more. During the rehearsal of the ‘Amma’ show, she had the opportunity to spend her spare time singing folk songs and old songs. When I was asked what dialogue to imitate, I imitated it.

‘Not for crying, for crying. Did you say I don’t love you? These are not letters I have written to you. Are you satisfied with the poisons and all the ink and dust? After all this, I got a full smile. Kannima was looking at the picture and His Highness Abdullah on TV yesterday. Venu Chettan’s acting career. On this birthday I pray that God may grant him a long life and a long life.

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