Beware of the microwave … steps to enhance the power of the internet in home insulation


Since millions of people around the world sit in their homes to stop the spread of the new Corona virus, many of them are frustrated by the problems in the Internet and Wi-Fi.

These frequent problems are due to the increased pressure on the Internet for multiple uses, including work from home, study and entertainment, such as downloading movies, but here are some steps that help you to make your Internet connection faster and more reliable, according to the British newspaper “The Independent”:

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Download 1000 movies in less than a second … researchers create a high-speed Internet cable

1) Never rely on “Wi-Fi” at all

Try to connect via an “ethernet” cable instead of wireless, which may get rid of any interference problems and speed up your connection to the router.

2) Stay away from external obstacles

If the previous solution is not possible, you should work to ensure that the “Wi-Fi” signal reaches you as smoothly as possible, by being careful to make your router away from any devices that interfere with the Internet signal, such as some types of lights and amplifiers And power wires, especially microwave devices.

3) A new password

Your router may be compromised without the knowledge of strangers, and to avoid this you have to create a new and strong password for it.

4) Avoid these periods

Make sure that anyone at home doing hard work on the computer, such as downloading large files or playing games, does this during times of high stress.

5) Purchase a new router

Most people currently use routers from their ISPs, and this is usually a logical decision.

Also available on the market is a full range of affordable routers such as “TP-Link” as well as huge and fast devices at a high cost, such as the “Nighthawk” group of “Net Gear”.

Another option is routers that provide an interconnected network around your home, which means that the different units will communicate with each other and share the same network, such as the Eero routers currently owned by Amazon and Nest WiFi from Google.

6) Improving the quality of the router

If you prefer to keep your current router it should be supported by using wireless internet booster and internet hubs, which are available in the market in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices.

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