Beware … Never leave the hand sanitizer in the car


An American scientist warned against leaving a hand sanitizer in the car to avoid disasters.

A report of the “ABC News” network, that many people leave alcohol bottles inside the cars for long periods of time, in light of the spread of the Corona virus.

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Experts have warned against leaving a bottle of hand sanitizer inside a hot car, because it can make it less effective because the active ingredient in it – alcohol – can evaporate, in addition to that the disinfectant bottles explode after being left in hot cars, and that the hand sanitizer is likely to Your car hurts.

Dr. Greg Boyce, associate professor at the University of Florida Gold Coast in the United States, said that leaving the bottles of the product in cars would not be a good idea.

“If you do the tasks and want to keep them in the car, there is nothing wrong, but you should not leave them in the car indefinitely, certainly, there will be a problem if you leave your hand sanitizer in the car for days or weeks.”

The temperature of the car parked in direct sunlight reaches 45 ° C inside, which makes the hand sanitizer less effective if the alcohol content has decreased in it, and over a longer period of time at higher temperatures, you lose some effectiveness in the hand sanitizer because the active ingredient evaporates “.

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