Bev Queue App; These are Google’s terms for apps that sell alcohol


CentralThe ‘Bev Q’ app, which the government is trying to make available to the public, is trying to make its way into Google Playstore. Google has corrected the six errors noted by Google, and the app has once again submitted to Google for approval.

The app was uploaded at 3:30 p.m. The app is expected to be available on Playstore after security checks and loading tests, with Google’s approval.

Google Play Store, however, has strict restrictions on apps that sell alcohol. Google’s strict adherence to this is to protect users’ health, security and privacy. To that end, the Play Store’s norms stipulate restrictions on selling apps such as alcohol, tobacco and cannabis.

Google’s position on this is as follows:

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 We do not allow apps that facilitate the sale of tobacco (including e-cigarettes) or promote the irresponsible use of alcohol or tobacco.

Examples of violations cited by Google

  • Depict or promote the use or sale of alcohol or tobacco to minors.
  • Claim that smoking helps improve social, sexual, professional, intellectual or athletic status.
  • Positively advocate excessive drinking and support excessive, competitive drinking.

These strict terms may apply to a liquor sales application at any time. Avoiding excessive alcohol and adult sales is a major challenge for alcohol sales applications.

But these conditions do not affect the Bev Q app, officials say. Google says it has control over apps that promote alcohol sales and those that promote it.

The Bev Queue app is expected to reach around 2 million people within the first few days of launch. The rush in liquor market in Kerala could affect the existence of the app’s Google Play Store.

Unless you got the Play Sator

Developer Mar relies on Google Play Store to be the safest and most reliable App Store. But there are other app stores where you can download apps. But security is a big problem here. As a government-run app, relying on other insecure app stores can be challenging. Moreover, other app stores have restrictions on alcohol sales.

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