Beroe lied to Arda, Kamburov ruined Belia’s debut


Beroe beat Arda 1-0 in a control match. The inspection was conducted at the Beroe Sports Base. The only goal in the match fell in the 17th minute, when Martin Kamburov scored.

The match was an unofficial debut of the new coach of the team from Kardzhali Nikolay Kirov.

The inspection began sluggishly. In the 13th minute Spas Delev made a nice breakthrough, but shot into the body of an opponent.

Four minutes later Touba centered with an outside and found Kamburov in the penalty area, who opened the score with a header.

In the 22nd minute Karadjov saved a shot by Kamburov from close range. A goal for Arda by Ivan Kokonov followed, but the goal was canceled due to an ambush.

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At the end of the first half, Arda’s goalkeeper made another save after a shot by Fal.

The second part started like the first. The two coaches made many substitutions and the game split. In the 76th minute Ibrahima Conte broke on the left flank and looked for the far corner of Arda’s goal, but shot past the goal.

In the 83rd minute the new addition of Kardzhali Lachezar Kotev shot over the door from a comfortable position.

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Beroe – Arda 1: 0

1: 0 Kamburov (17)

Beroe: Dusan Pernish, Alexander Tsvetkov, Krum Stoyanov, Georgi Angelov, Martin Kamburov, Gaius Makouta, Aliun Fal, Steve Furtado, Ivan Minchev, Teddy Mezag, Ahmed Touba;

Arda: Ivan Karadjov, Milen Stoev, Mateus Leoni, Martin Kostadinov, Atanas Krastev, Emil Martinov, Rumyan Hovsepyan, Ivan Kokonov, Alexander Georgiev, Spas Delev, Radoslav Vassilev

Defender of Beroe misses all matches until the end of the season

Defender of Beroe misses all matches until the end of the season

Alexander Vassilev will not recover from the trauma that tormented him

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