Berlin clubs reopen, but dancing is prohibited


Now that Germany has relaxed its corona measures, the Berlin nightclubs are also slowly opening up again. Dancing is prohibited there.

In many German federal states, the catering industry was allowed to open its doors again in recent weeks, as was the case in the capital Berlin. And while it takes some searching to ensure the spacing rules, the wire can be picked up more or less again. This is different for the nightclubs, which are considered to be Berlin’s cultural heritage, because hundreds of sweaty people huddled together on a dance floor is an excellent location to rapidly increase the number of infections with the new corona virus.

But staying closed even longer is not an option for many, as the accounts continue to pour in. Several night clubs have therefore opened their doors again (or are planning to), but as a beer garden. Birgit & Bier, Sisyphos and Rummels Bay are once again welcoming customers to their outdoor areas, where music is also played, although absolutely no dancing is allowed, writes the Berliner Zeitung. Table service applies, face masks are mandatory for customers and staff, and there is a slight urge to stand only to go to the toilet.

Other clubs prefer to wait before opening the doors again, because they are questioning the economic profitability. The distance rules must also be followed in Germany, so that you can only let in a limited number of customers.

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