Belgians flock to holiday homes in their own country


This year, Belgians opt for a safe and relaxed atmosphere within national borders, a trend that is also visible in the rest of Europe. That says Belvilla, provider of holiday homes.

In recent weeks, Belvilla in Belgium saw bookings for the summer months increase by more than 20%. “At first there was a stagnation, as if the Belgians wanted to wait a while and see what the new measures were going to be, but now they are going for it again and book a lot in their own country. This mainly concerns bookings of family houses, but couples now also opt for a holiday home. The 3 most favorite regions with Belgians who book with Belvilla in their own country are Luxembourg, Liège and Namur, “said Hanita van der Meer, PR manager at Belvilla.

This upward trend in bookings is a positive development, but it does not alter the fact that the company’s total turnover has not yet returned to the level of last year. In March the bookings came to a complete standstill and there were many cancellations, because the borders closed, or because people did not or did not dare to travel. This resulted in red figures for Europe: up to -70% for the spring weeks. The big increase in recent weeks came after several countries announced their exit strategies. Apparently there is a great need for the prospect of a holiday.


In the rest of Europe, too, many holiday homes have been booked in recent weeks. This mainly concerns people who go on holiday in their own country in the summer and autumn. The most striking countries in a row:

• Denmark: The increase is greatest in Denmark, the country that first closed its borders, but where people were still allowed to travel in their own country. Week after week there was a growth of 75%. In countries such as Austria, France and Germany – where the focus is on holidays in July and August – Belvilla saw weekly growth of more than 50%.
• The Netherlands: In the Netherlands, bookings for the May holiday already increased slightly, but for the summer there was an increase of more than 65% in recent weeks. Bookings for the autumn are also picking up considerably.
• Germany: Germany is currently catching up, with almost 20% booked in German holiday homes for next summer since the beginning of May.
• Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Norway are betting on autumn. In recent weeks, almost 100% has been booked there for the months of September and October.
• Spain and Italy also show a cautious plus. That the Italian government called on the population at the end of April to go on holiday in their own country this summer, in order to also support the local economy, has certainly helped.

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