Beijing: China will oppose if the United States imposes sanctions on Covid-19 – World


China will respond with countermeasures if the United States imposes sanctions on the coronavirus pandemic, 13th National People’s Congress of China (NPC) spokesman Zhang Yesui said on Thursday.

Speaking to the Chinese press, Zhang Yesui also added that bills in the United States that target Chinese companies are “unfounded” and against international law.

He noted that China “never starts causing problems”, but also “never fears when trouble comes.” Zhang Yesui stressed that Beijing is ready to defend its interests in case the United States undermines them, but also so he pointed out that both sides would benefit if they worked together.

The reason for this sharp statement is given by a number of measures introduced by the United States against China and Chinese companies, as Washington blames the country for the coronavirus pandemic.

Beijing, meanwhile, categorically denies the allegations made by the United States.

This statement came after US President Trump accused China of conducting a large-scale disinformation campaign.

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