Because of the episode of Abeer Sabri … Inas Al Degheidy in the courts


Producer Mamdouh Shaheen decided to sue “Cairo and the People” channel, and director Enas El-Deghaidy, after talking about him in one of the episodes of the program, which was broadcast during the month of Ramadan.

The producer, Mamdouh Shaheen, said: “I commissioned the office of Professor Ashraf Abdelaziz, the lawyer, to prosecute” Cairo and the People “channel and director Enas El Degheidy, because of what was mentioned in her talk about a person in the” Sheikh Al-Harah and Al-Jaray “program in the episode of the artist Abeer Sabri, and this is for information.”

The director Inas El Degheidy asked a question for the program’s host, Abeer Sabry, saying: “You are the only one who got paid from Mamdouh Shaheen … Why?”

Despite Abeer Sabri’s answer that she participated a lot in the works of Mamdouh Shaheen and that she trusts him, and sometimes he delays in paying the payments like all the producers, not just him, and that in the end she gets her full wages, but Al-Degheidy insisted and tried to extract a permit from Abeer that it is otherwise, which is what Producer Mamdouh Shaheen considered him an offense and a defamation of his reputation through the media.

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