Beauty in yellow; Esther by sharing pictures


Esther is an Indian actress who made her debut as a child artist. Esther made her film debut in the film ‘Nallavan’ by playing Mythili’s childhood. Esther has become a busy heroine today.

The actor has also shared his pictures with his fans. The latest pictures of Esther have gone viral on social media.

The star is in a yellow top. Esther shared the pictures on her Instagram.

According to fans, the yellow color symbolizes happiness and brotherhood. The actor also shared pictures of himself in a yellow saree.

She wore a white blouse with a yellow saree and a green choker around her neck. The actress is now seen in a yellow top.

South Indian actress Esther is most famous for her portrayal of Mohanlal. The film is a major turning point in Esther’s career. Esther herself appeared in the Tamil and Telugu versions of the scene.
The actor was also spotted in Shane Nigam’s upcoming film ‘All’.

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