BCCI Will Win, Ian Chappell On T20 World Cup Organization


The Indian Cricket Control Board has a ‘kayaku’. If they think anything will happen. If the BCCI insists that the IPL should be replaced by the Twenty20 World Cup, it will be done by none other than former Australian captain Ian Chappell. ICC plans to host T20 World Cup in October-November However, BCCI has plans to hold the IPL season in the same period due to corona.

Anyway, there is only one tournament at a time. T20 World Cup either; Or IPL. The decision will be announced at the ICC General Body meeting on May 28. It is in this context that Ian Chappell responds. Earlier, former Australia captain Alan Border had also commented on the matter. According to Alan Border, the IPL, instead of the World Cup, will give the wrong message.

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Ian Chappell says everyone knows the supremacy of the BCCI in cricket. The chances of a World Cup are rare if the situation is reversed. “The IPL is going to happen,” Ian Chappell said in an interview to an international sports channel. If the BCCI decides to hold the IPL in October, it will. The Board of Control for Cricket in India has taken this decision. Moreover, the prospect of a T20 World Cup in the backdrop of the corona fear is rare, Ian Chappell said.

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The 16 teams will travel to Australia for the World Cup. Organizers will have to make great preparations. The current picture shows Australia is not ready to host the World Cup. “If the BCCI decides to host the IPL in October, the World Cup is likely to be postponed,” Ian Chappell said.

Meanwhile, BCCI Treasurer Arun Dhumal recently announced that the T20 World Cup will not be extended for the IPL. The decision on whether or not to host the World Cup is decided by the ICC and Cricket Australia. The Australian government also played a key role in the decision. Australia has already increased travel prices until September.

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