BCCI plans to hold IPL in September-November Report


BCCI plans to host IPL in September-November The BCCI has taken a preliminary decision to host the league from September 25 to November 1. India’s Kovid outbreak is likely to be brought under control by September. The news was reported by IANS.

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“September 25-November 1 Window IPL is being planned. We know early. There are many things to be right. However, the BCCI plans to run the league in those months. Franchisees have been instructed to do the same. But even then, considering the state of the country at that time, consider the league. Nothing has been decided about venues or the participation of foreign celebrities. I hope to have an accurate knowledge of the date soon. ”- quoting a BCCI representative.

The IPL 2020 has been extended indefinitely following the Kovid 19 virus outbreak. BCCI has forwarded this information to the franchisees. The BCCI said the tournament was not abandoned and that it would try to consider the circumstances. The IPL, which was supposed to start on March 29, was postponed to 15 this month. But the BCCI was forced to postpone the tournament due to the country’s lock-down. The BCCI has refused to comment on the IPL.

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At the same time, the IPL is also under consideration for a central proposal to open stadiums in the fourth phase of lockdown concessions and open the stadium to spectators.

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