BCCI dismisses Raina, Pathan’s demand for retirement


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 The BCCI today rejected Suresh Raina and Irfan Pathan’s request to allow nationals and 30-year-olds to play in foreign T20 leagues. The duo made this request while speaking on Instagram Live yesterday. Several celebrities have come forward to support and oppose the proposal.

But the BCCI representative said that it is normal to feel these feelings when you retire, according to the news agency IANS. “The BCCI’s stand is that Indian players who are active cricketers should only play in the IPL,” a BCCI representative said.

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In the eyes of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (IPL), they will play in the IPL only. “This means that even players who do not have a contract with the BCCI can get a huge boost in the IPL,” the representative said.

Raina said he wanted the BCCI to take action with the ICC for Indian players to play in foreign leagues. Players must be allowed to play in at least two leagues. The Indian team is also benefiting from the excellent performance in foreign leagues. Irfan Pathan also said that players who are not considered for the Indian team and those who are over 30 years old should be allowed to play in foreign leagues.

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