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Indian cricket control board treasurer Arun Dhumal says the BCCI agreed to tour the Indian cricket team in South Africa in August.

Cricket South Africa director Graeme Smith and CEO Jacques Folle said yesterday that India had agreed to a three-day series in South Africa in August. They also said that the BCCI had agreed to tour due to the cancellation of the India-South Africa series following the Kovid lockdown.

But Dhumal said that no government and series can guarantee that the government will not allow them to travel to other countries. The tour, which was earlier announced by the ICC, is to tour Sri Lanka in July and then Zimbabwe. However, Dhumal asks how South Africa can be reassured in case it is not even guaranteed.

“When South Africa’s Indian tour was halted, we were told that we could consider touring India if the situation matched.” No guarantee has been made to South Africa.

Arun Dhumal

BCCI Treasurer

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