Bayoumi Fouad defends himself after his absence from the funeral of Hassan Hosni … Video


Bayoumi Fouad, the Egyptian artist, defended himself from the accusations against him regarding his absence from attending the funeral of the late artist Hassan Hosni on Saturday.

Fouad denied in an audio recording of the program “IT Arabia” if his failure to attend the funeral was the new “Corona” virus, stressing that Corona did not prevent him from attending.

He added that he knew from Friday evening that the funeral prayer for Hassan Hosni would take place after the noon prayer and then his body would be buried, but what happened was that after he got out of the house yesterday Saturday at 11 am and while he was going to the graves he received a call from the captain of the actors Ashraf Zaki and the actor Aws Aws and director Moataz El Tony tell him that the burial has been completed, which made him return home.

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ري Hosari: After a lot of give-and-take because of Saad Al-Saghir’s statement to ET in Arabic, in which he sent a blame message to the artists who were absent from the funeral # Hassan_Husni, Bayoumi Fouad responds to criticism via ET in Arabic … More details in El Bayo Link Et @etbilarabi

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The captain of the acting professions in Egypt, the artist Ashraf Zaki, responded today, Sunday, to those who criticized the failure of the artists to attend the funeral of the late great artist Hassan Hosni.

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Zaki, in statements with the “Masrawy” website, expressed his anger and dissatisfaction with this attack, explaining that “Egyptian artists are always subject to criticism and attack, whether they go to the funeral of a colleague or not.”

He said: “No one is a guardian of us, we know our feelings, Hassan Hosni is a great value and we are all sad for him.”

Zaki justified the absence of the presence of the artists from the funeral of the late artist, that he died at dawn and was buried early in the morning, following: Hassan Hosni had dirt seen earlier, and I was traveling when I learned of the news of his departure, and when I returned, the burial had taken place. “

The Egyptian artist expressed his anger with some commentators, saying: “Lift your hands off the artists, I do not understand the contradiction that exists among some people,” adding: “When they see us asking for pictures with us, and in our backs they curs us.”

The great artist, Hassan Hosni, died yesterday, Saturday, before completing his 89th year after a great journey of giving, during which he spent his life in a large number of immortal roles. For more than half a century, Hosni has provided nearly 200 films, in addition to dramas, TV shows and theater works.

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