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Bayern Munich After five rounds in the German Football League, Bayern had a 10 point lead. Bayern also won the fourth game after the league resumed. Fortuna beat Dസെsseldorf by five goals. Bayern have 67 points in 29 games. 57 for Borussia Dortmund, one less competitive.

Bayern’s win was made easier by Robert Lewandowski’s sparkling performance. Lewandowski scored two goals. A total of 43 goals per season. Also came up with the record. This Polish player has 29 goals in the league. Bayern’s other goals were scored by teenagers Alphonse Davies and Benjamin Poward. One was from Dusseldorf star Matias Jorgensen’s mistake. Bayern’s crown was open when they defeated Dortmund in the last game. This is the eighth consecutive crown. A total of 30 will be crowned.

Bayern have scored 13 goals in four games since the league restarted. Both are flexible. He won 22 of 25 games under coach Hansie Flick. Of the 80 goals, only 16 yielded. In another match, Hertha Berlin defeated Augsburg by two goals.

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