“Battle of the Titans” between two crocodiles on the doorstep of a house … Video


Two crocodiles appeared at the front door of a house in Fort Myers, Florida, USA, and surprised its owners with a battle of titans.

And Susan Giselle was eating breakfast when she was surprised by reptiles nearly two meters outside her home, according to “News Press.”

One of the two crocodiles clung to the other in a battle that lasted about 20 minutes, until they separated from each other and left for a neighborhood near a lake.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission commented on the video, saying that crocodiles are in this period more active and can be found anywhere where the water is due to the mating period that lasts between May and June.

Earlier, some golfers were surprised to find themselves in the shocking moment when this pair of crocodiles was fighting at the golf course in South Carolina in the United States.

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