‘Batting him together’; Rohit Sharma on Shikhar Dhawan


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He is really stupid and he is not always ready to face the first ball. He loves to play spinners. However, it is the words of fellow opener Rohit Sharma about the Indian opener, Shikhar Dhawan. Rohit jokingly commented on the opening batting with Dhawan during an Instagram live session with Australian opener David Warner.

Dhawan was my partner when he first came out as Indian Opener in 2013. Before the opening match of the Champions Trophy, I told Dhawan that I am not familiar with Newball, so you strike the first ball. But Dhawan replied, “This is the first foreign series, if not the batsman you have been playing for some time.” “I’m talking about the team’s regular opener,” Rohit said.

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After that I was ready to strike the first ball. Bowler was Monty Morkel. I never saw the first three balls. Because I didn’t expect that much bounce. That was my first experience with Dhawan. “But for now I am happy to bat with him,” Rohit said.

Sometimes Dhawan hates us when we bat together. When we bat, we don’t hear anything. Then after a while you will be asked what you said. It is to be remembered that such a child is when he is batting under extreme pressure. He can also be confused about running to bat when batting. At first, just look like you run. After that, I decided to run only if I was sure the ball went to the gap. I’ve lost a lot of runs. I don’t care, ‚ÄĚRohit said.

Warner responded that he was happy to say it. Warner told Rohit that he had the same experience when Sunrisers batted together for Hyderabad in the IPL.

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