Bashar Rahal underwent emergency surgery for a ruptured kidney: It was a little hell


Actor Bashar Rahal was rushed to hospital on Easter. It turned out that he had a ruptured kidney. He announced this on his Facebook account, where he thanked the doctors who took care of him.

A little hell for me is over. For a month, I dealt with a ruptured kidney, stones, and a bunch of other nonsense that befell me. I am writing this post because of two things. First, beware. We have a lot of gaps in our body as such. We can suffer from stupidity for a long time and painfully. Secondly, we have wonderful doctors that I want to tell you about“, says Bashar.

On Easter, the actor was admitted to Tota Venkova Hospital in Gabrovo with severe pain. According to Bashar, a team gathered in just an hour to prepare him for the intervention.

“I want to share the names of everyone involved: Dr. Boyan Kirov, who discovered that something was wrong and not just a kidney crisis. Dr. Svetlana Petkova, who appeared smiling at 10 pm, two hours before Easter and sat down Behind the scanner My new friend – Dr. Georgi Atanasov, who together with his whole team and a smile on his face, modesty and professionalism did everything so well that now I am healthy and smiling again.A whole month I annoyed him from home with questions and he not once did he get busy.Of course, I can’t miss the charming 83-year-old super dedicated “Dr. Dichev, who always told incredible historical facts. The team of sisters Nina, Maria and everyone who showed almost maternal love for me,” the actor added.

Bashar Rahal is adamant that all these medics, whom he constantly monitored very closely, treated all patients in the same way.

“Because I know what the haters will say … It was not a special attitude, because I am a public figure. I also want to thank Associate Professor Emil Dorosiev from Pirogov, as well as Dr. Lazarov from the Medical Academy, who helped throughout this process. “, concludes the actor.

He has already been discharged and is at home.

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