Banque Misr warns its clients


Banque Misr has sent, to its customers, warning messages against providing any personal data or information related to the bank’s customer or related to their payment cards.

According to “Akhbar Al-Youm” portal, the bank has warned its clients to announce the three numbers listed on the back of the credit card, payment card or any confirmation number sent to the customer through the bank to any authority requesting it by any means, in order to preserve the confidentiality of the customer’s data.

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Banque Misr confirmed that any party requesting this data was not connected to Banque Misr in any way, and that the primary objective of it is to defraud the bank’s customers.

In another context, the Federation of Egyptian Banks issued a decision regarding the precautionary measures for the new Corona virus, stressing that banks and customers who hesitate to branch their banks are required to wear a medical mask “mask” before entering the bank branches, as of next Sunday.

The Federation said, in a statement, that “the decision comes in the interest of the safety and health of workers in the banking sector, as well as customers and dealers with banks, and the application of responsible banking measures.”

He added that “the decision also comes in line with the precautionary measures and measures taken by the state, the central bank, the Ministry of Health and some judicial bodies from the need to wear a medical face mask in order to lift preventive measures.”

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