Bahadur’s joke and Dileep in oil The eight-year-old burst into laughter


NVijaya Shankar Lohithadas, son of director Lohithadas shares memories of Tun Bahadur. Vijay Shankar posted on Facebook that he was watching Bahadur while filming Lohithadas’ Joker. The story of Bahadur’s story as a child was told by Vijay Shankar.

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The time when the Joker was filming on the banks of the Nila. Waiting for the weekends, I and Chuck. After leaving school, head straight to Cheruthuruthi. Those trips were a necessity. The elephant, the horse, the tiger and the lion in the circus were not what we wanted to see. I met Bahadur Ika for the first time that day at Shornur Guest House. Although we haven’t seen a lot of old movies, we recognize Ikea. The familiar faces on the silver screen were a regular sight in the corridor.

There would have been people working for different movies at the same time. Little did I know that Ikea had come to act in his father’s side. She went to her mother in the room and told her that she saw an old movie star on top. “Bahadur Ika will be” when we both know his name. After the night’s shooting, his father came, and he was with his father in the dining room on the top floor.

Ika came into the dining room and said, “Did Ikea eat?” … “Eat Monkey” … Our father’s next question to us was, “Do you understand this?”, And we both nodded. Introduced her mother. I was wrestling with the chicken’s leg and Ikea looked at me and said to her father “Mon, I need this !!” His father laughed. The next encounter, yes, was in the dorm room, Ika coming in, just like last night, I was eating breakfast with my mom and dad, and my dad went to the place early in the morning. For a reason, Ikea came to me and said, “Molly, I take him, my daughter is about to get married” … her mother burst out laughing. I didn’t feel any sense of humor at all, and my mother’s reaction was painful. He was taking her without her permission so that he could get married .. How to respond to an eight year old?

Ikea repeated this in every subsequent episode. Ikea and her mother became great friends. I was a bit worried about the wedding and the preparations in front of me. “Look at me like a son … I will give you a shower, drink water, and sing a song.” Traveling to the location on the weekends was hard, how could I get away with this ??

Ikka became a villain within me. I’ll be the first to see a villain on that face. Ike and Dileepettan are filming a scene together. I was standing in the vicinity, and after the talk, Ikea shook my hand, and I slowly approached. He said to Dileepettan, “This is my son-in-law. Go get my daughter through him.”

I did not cry for luck, except for the oil poured on the Dileepettan flames. They both got ready for the next take and walked away with a winking mind. My cries of being caught and held close to my mother broke. The last nights were in a whirlwind of helplessness and fear, and it can no longer be. I told my father that night. It was the father who was just laughing, not how to react. My eight-year-old son was crying when he said he didn’t want to marry anymore … but my father took my conflict seriously and said, “Isn’t that funny?”

The relief I was given was not small. I slept well that night. Still Ikea repeated the same number, and I learned to deal with it with laughter. The villain who didn’t fit in with that face, blew into the air like a loaf of bread, and I started to love Ikea. During the shoot, Ikea was last seen with a poisonous face. Later, I did not see the smiling face. Ika called her mother from the Gulf and told me she was bringing me a watch, mother, chakaara and some other things. Bathing and other rituals were going on at Ikea’s house, but my eyes were looking for the blonde girl.

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