Badly hit nursing home Rijssen: “Major impact on staff”


Twelve of the nineteen persons who died of corona in the municipality of Rijssen-Holten were residents of the Maranatha nursing home. “This news seriously affects our staff,” said Ad Plomp, the chairman of the board of directors that includes Maranatha.

The GGD has started an investigation into the high number of corona victims in Rijssen. Research must now show why Rijssen in particular forms such a relatively large source of fire for the dreaded virus.

The Maranatha nursing home therefore plays a major role in this. “It is also a question for me why the number at our location is so high,” continues Plomp. “It is very sad to say the least. For the next of kin and for the staff. But we are also part of the local community. From the beginning we have already taken the measures advised by RIVM.”

Positive test

Staff contamination may play a role. “Employees of the location in Rijssen were tested positive. But they immediately stayed at home. The investigation that has been carried out should show how it is possible that this number is so high.”

It is mentally difficult for the staff who are at home, but also the staff who are still working. “It hits them hard. We are now also paying attention to the ‘mental aspect’.”


According to Plomp, it is no reason to take extra measures. “We will continue to take over the measures of RIVM. We have sufficient protective equipment. How to proceed? Hoping that things will go well in the near future and we are waiting for the investigation.”

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