Babies Over Devil Leap As Men Dressed In Spain At Bizarre Festival | The Devil: Dressing Up The Devil


We have seen many strange practices. There are people who still preserve such ancient customs. This is a strange custom in Spain. This is the ritual of jumping up and down after lining up the little ones. It is customary to beat a man with a whip in his hand. People dressed as the devil and covered their faces.

This kind of strange practice began in 1620. Children born within the last one year are used for this ritual. This ritual is celebrated every year. In Spain this practice is performed to protect children from evil spirits. The name of the ritual is called El Colacho. It is also known as the Devil’s Jump.

The kids will be lying on the mat in the street. The man who dressed as the devil is jumping in his hand with huge whips and flies The people here believe that this will help save the children from their own sin, bring about all good in life, and save them from evil spirits.


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