Azis lay down under the knife because of his old complex



Azis boasted with brand new ears! The Roma nightingale underwent plastic surgery to improve the appearance of his sensory organs. The singer did not forget to show off his new ears and shared footage taken minutes after the intervention.Auriculoplasty is an operation that improves the shape of the ears and is gaining more and more popularity in our country. It cost the folk singer about 3 vouchers to achieve the desired result – a small amount for a star of his rank.

Azis does not hide that his ears have always been complex. He admits that he finally likes them. The photos show that the singer has reduced their size. For many years, the eccentric performer wore large and heavy earrings, which most likely deformed his ears.

This is not the first time the king of folk has fallen under the knife in the name of beauty. The vain performer has changed many parts of his body many times.

A few years ago, Azis changed the shape of his lips and cheekbones, tightened wrinkles, extracted fat from his body and enlarged his breasts. For all the changes in his appearance, including the last one, he trusts only one plastic surgeon and admits that he only feels safe in his hands, Bulgaria Today writes.

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