Athletics earned Zueca a nickname


Zueka as a young man

23 May 2020, Saturday, 17:00

Author: Flagman.BGThey called him “Rabbit” because he ran fast

Participation in an athletics competition – this was the reason for inventing the nickname of the actor Vasil Vassilev – Zueka. Already in primary school he took part in a running competition, and his good results earned him the reputation of a “rabbit”, writes.

Two years later, his classmate changed his nickname to Zueca, with the host of “Like Two Drops of Water” admitting that he was one of the first artists to include such a nickname in the official stage name with a dash.

Sport played a big role in Vassilev’s life until the last grades of high school, when his love of theater eventually prevailed.

In front of the rapper Toto, with whom they met on the stage of “Drops”, Zueka explained that he knew from an early age that he wanted to do acting and even three refusals from VITIZ failed to stop him from his dream.

Regarding the show for incarnations, which this year reached its most watched finale for all eight seasons, the comedian explained that initially with his colleague Dimitar Rachkov they followed as a “bible” the model built in the show prototype of the Bulgarian “Like two drops of water”.

They started to break up and make a show in their own style after the fourth episode, and from representatives of Endemol producers in our country, Zueka learned that the native version is the only one of the show, which continues to maintain a high audience rating even after so many years. .

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