Atanas Bobokov: The names and amounts are notes, I took them from the book “The richest Bulgarians”


Offices and houses of Atanas and Plamen Bobokovi in ​​Ruse were searched

When I watched the first press conference, I was left with the impression that nothing was said about waste, but a photo was taken, which was taken from my home. I took these names and these sums from a book called “The Richest Bulgarians”. I took notes. This was stated minutes ago in the special court by Atanas Bobokov

In the cell, even one of the detainees joked with him, saying: Add me too.

I can’t understand why spitting on business names had to start this way. Everything is pushed by the Italian garbage.
We bought the company. It is in northern Italy so that we can use the Italian potential, he added. Bobokov spoke for about 10 minutes in court.

Expect details!

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