Atanas Bobokov said where he got the names and amounts from the note – Bulgaria



“I took these names, these sums from a book called ‘The Richest Bulgarians’ and I actually took notes,” Atanas Bobokov told the court, BGNES reported.

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He said that the back of the photo, which was confiscated during a search of his home, was shown. Bobkov said that he wrote these names in his own hand, took sums from the book and actually took notes.

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Yesterday, the prosecutor’s office announced that given the high public and media interest and with the permission of the supervising prosecutors, they published part of the seized material evidence in pre-trial proceedings.

Krassimir Zhivkov and Bobokovi were charged

In the course of the investigative actions carried out in the apartment of the accused A.B. a color photo was found and confiscated, on the back of which, in handwritten text, are the names that correspond to the names of public figures in society.

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Amounts of money in different amounts are written against each of the names. In the course of the investigation, the information will be verified and, at the discretion of the supervising prosecutors, the persons will be questioned as witnesses, the state prosecution said.

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Today, the special court is considering the measures of six of the accused for the garbage affair. Earlier today, the prosecutor’s office requested custody for Krassimir Zhivkov, Gabriel Savov, Atanas Bobokov and Nikolay Mihovski, and a request for “house arrest” against Vasil Bogdanov and Aygun Eminov.

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