At the end of his life, Prithviraj and team returned Aadujeevitham


Cochin: .

 Actor Prithviraj and his team returned to Kochi due to the lockdown during the shoot. The 58-member team, including director Blessy, arrived in Cochin on Friday morning at around 9 am.

All those who had completed medical care were transferred to Quarantine. Prithviraj is staying at the Quarantine Hotel in Kochi which the government has proposed at his own expense. Blessy is under observation in Thiruvalla.

Prithviraj and his team went to Jordan to shoot the film Adu Jeevitham. With the announcement of the lockdown, the gang got stuck without permission to shoot. As the situation improved, the shooting schedule was completed with the special permission of the Jordanian government. It was then that the flight to Delhi was flown to Kochi.

Driving himself to Quarantine

When Prithviraj reached Kochi, manager Harris Desam was in the car. What’s your favorite BMW He was told to come with the car. Raju drove himself to the hotel at Fort Kochi which is in Quarantine. He also obtained the permission of the police. When the driver is assembled, he too is under surveillance. Haris said Prithviraj was instructed to drive alone without bothering another.

Content Highlight: At the End of Aadujeevitham, Prithviraj and his team returned

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