Astronomers expect feast in Saudi to be on Sunday | Ramadan | Saudi


Riyadh: Saudi astronomers have said that there is no chance of seeing the shawl crescent moon on Friday evening, the 29th of Ramadan. Astronomers at Majma University Observatory near Riyadh say that the moon will set before the sun on Friday, so Eid al-Fitr will be on Sunday, May 24, after completing the 30-day fast.

According to astronomical observation data, according to scientific calculations, the sun will set at 293 degrees on Friday, Ramadan, at 6:39 pm. The moon will set at 6:26 pm. This means that the moon is about 13 minutes before sunset. The astronomical calculation is that it is unlikely to appear on Friday.

The sun will set at 239 degrees at 6:40 pm on Saturday, May 23rd, which is Ramadan. The moon will set at 293 degrees at 7:23 pm, meaning that the moon will remain at 8.84 altitude and 10.60 long for 43 minutes after sunset.

Meanwhile, Professor Al-Qasim University’s Department of Geography and Meteorology, head of the committee, said that Eid is a Sunday after 30 days of Ramadan. Says Abdullah al-Moznad. However, the date of the feast is only announced when the moon is visible on a regular basis in Saudi.

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