Assoc. Prof. Mangarov: Borisov listened to me and said that if she was a woman, she would let me go – Diseases


With a population of seven million in Bulgaria, there are certainly at least between 250,000 and 300,000 infected in the country, but most of them did not even realize that they had contracted the virus. This was stated in the studio of “This Morning” on bTV by the infectious disease specialist Assoc. Prof. Atanas Mangarov.

“Mortality in measles is one in a thousand, while in coronavirus it is one in two thousand, ie the current mortality in COVID-19 is many times lower than in measles,” said Assoc. Prof. Mangarov.

According to him, the reason for the huge number of deaths from coronavirus is due to the higher life expectancy in Italy, Spain and Britain, where it is 80 years, while in Bulgaria the average life expectancy is about 73 years, which is why deaths in our country are and less.

Assoc. Prof. Mangarov once again assured that there is no confrontation between him and the National Operational Headquarters.

“I have no confrontation with anyone. I am here to help and have fun “, said Assoc. Prof. Mangarov.

Borisov met face to face with Assoc. Prof. Mangarov. Here is what he told him

“Everything that was done was done with the best intentions and in order to save people’s lives. It is an honor for the Prime Minister to hear the voice of science, ie. me. Even in the 40th minute of our conversation, he told me: “Look what, Mangarov, if I were a woman, I would let you go.” We talked for about an hour and I think he heard me very well then and understood what I was saying, ” he revealed.

In conclusion, the infectious disease specialist said that with the easing of measures, he does not expect any apocalypse in the fall in connection with the return of COVID-19 predicted by a number of experts.

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