Assoc. Prof. Andrey Chorbanov, immunologist: I would not vaccinate children against coronavirus


Assoc. Prof. Andrey Chorbanov

At this stage, coronavirus immunology studies are only experimental. Major crises and pandemics must come to make people understand that allocating funds for science is not only a solution to a problem, but also the formation of a competent team to respond to such a problem. This was stated by Assoc. Prof. Andrey Chorbanov, Head of the Laboratory of Experimental Immunology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, on Channel 3.

“By making a vaccine, we wanted to find areas of the virus that are protected from other viruses and overlap. This will protect us from mutations and ensure that it covers the whole spectrum of the coronavirus. If a mutation occurs, keep the vaccine up to date and to react quickly “, said Assoc. Prof. Chorbanov.

“The reaction of the immune system cannot neutralize the different strains of influenza, it only reacts against the first strain. The idea is to look for such areas that remain unchanged in all influenza strains,” he added.

“They often steal our projects because we don’t have a unit to implement. Medicine has always been a business, but scientists are not involved in it. And in science, if you work fast, steps in the study can be missed. All viruses are a big experiment. “We need time to see which of the immune systems can be used. It cannot be shortened by the time it takes to make a vaccine, it takes time to monitor the process,” the immunologist explained.

“I would not immunize children with this vaccine because they are not sick, only the risk groups. Efforts should be focused on the elderly because they are most at risk. I don’t think antibodies can be a solution, they can help Many people who have had the virus do not develop antibodies unless they have been seriously ill. Assembling a print vaccine is quick but slow to prove that it works. Immunity is individual and requires constant care. you can buy medicine, but health and immunity – no. In the USA they are susceptible to diseases due to obesity “, explained Assoc. Prof. Chorbanov.

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