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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The U.S Sharafali and KT were the pillars of the Kerala Police Football Team in the 1990s. Chacko and Baburajan retired from service yesterday.

Sharafali, a former Indian captain, has retired from command of the Rapid Response and Red Crew Force at Kottakkal. Chacko Kuttikkanam, Deputy Commandant of KAP 5th Battalion and Baburajan Kannur KAP 4th Battalion, Asst. He retired from the police with the commandant. When the Kerala Police Team won the Federation Cup in 1990 and ’91, they were the best fighters in the team.

IM Vijayan and C.V. PAPACHAN, VP. It was TK Chandrasekhar who coached the Kerala Police team, which was made up of the golden stars of Kerala football. Is dead.

Sharafali, a native of Thettammal, Areekode, Malappuram, had joined the Kerala Police in 1985. On January 20, 1986, the Indian team appeared in the Nehru Cup against the Korean Republic at Thiruvananthapuram. Until 1995, he was an integral part of the national team.

Sharafali, who played for Halfback and Right Wing, was also a member of the Saaf Games gold team. He led India to the 1993 Super Soccer Cup.

Sharafali had taken a break from the police squad to play for the big clubs in Kolkata, Mohan Bagan and Mohammedans. Sharafali, who is the shirt of Kerala, has played in the Santosh Trophy for 10 times. After returning to the police, he worked with the manager of the police soccer team for eight years.

KT Mani, hailing from Othira, Pathanamthitta Chacko came to the police in 1987. Kerala’s goal is missing eight Santosh trophies. He was an Indian goalie from 1991 to ’95. VP Kannur is injured in the Kannur Federation Cup final. It was Chacko who led the team and won the Cup. Chacko has received several medals, including the President’s, for his outstanding service to the police. Chacko made his debut as an Indian goalkeeper in the 1991 Nehru Cup against Romania.

Baburajan, who came to the police in 1987 along with Chacko, played Wingback. He has played for the Santosh Trophy twice in addition to the Federation Cup. He is a native of Payyanur.

The era of Kerala Police Football Team is coming to an end. We were like a family in the playing field and in the department. Those orgasms have no break.

IM Vijayan

The secret of my children’s success was that of fellowship. There was a lot of excitement in the playing field. None of them were fabulous.

But in unison they managed to write the name of Kerala Police in gold letters in Indian football. Of the teams I have coached, the Kerala Police is still the most enthusiastic.

T.K. The dead


We were a family. Sleeping together and practicing together became one mind. Football was not as professional as it is today. The strength of the support provided by friends in the field and at work.

United States Sharafali

The noise of the gallery, crowded with some 400,000 people in the Federation Cup final, is still in its ears.

K.T. Chaco

Kerala Police

Former DGP M.K. A good football team was formed in the Kerala Police with the help of Joseph. IM MK has been able to find and recruit talent including Vijayan. Joseph took the initiative. The police represented Kerala in national tournaments like the Federation Cup and the Santosh Trophy.

The first Federation Cup was won in 1990 in Thrissur.

In 1991, the same was repeated at Kannur.

IM Vijayan, VP of the party. Sathyan, Sharafali, K.T. Chacko, C.V. Pappachan, c. Jabir, Kurikesh Mathew, Habib Rahman, Tobias and Baburajan were the main police players of the 1990s. Most of them played for India. Vijayan left the police team and returned to Kolkata.

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