artist Krishnakumar share his photo | Watch this movie? Krishnakumar asks


Now go to the theaters and watch a movie. That would be a question every movie-loving audience would ask. The difficulty caused by Kovid is troubling people of all walks of life. Previously, Kerala had sanctioned post-production jobs with strict restrictions. Actor Krishnakumar has shared a family photo of him saying that everyone is together at the movie theater.

Actress Ahana Krishnakumar belongs to the family of Sindhu Krishnakumar and Krishnakumar. Krishnakumar has now shared the photo taken while watching the movie at the theater. Many fans have come out with photos and comments. In addition to Ahana Krishnakumar, Diya Krishnakumar, Ishani Krishnakumar and Hansika Krishnakumar are the family of Sindhu Krishnakumar and Krishnakumar. The Malayali audience is as familiar with their crafts as their own.


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