Argentina has revolted against austerity measures over the coronavirus


Protesters of all political persuasions gathered in a number of cities Argentinato protest the strict restrictive measures imposed by the coronavirus.

In the center of the capital, Buenos Aires, dozens of people have expressed dissatisfaction with the restrictions imposed by the government. One of the banners read: “Argentina, wake up for freedom and humanity“and other slogans referred to conspiracy theories about vaccination, the new 5G network and American billionaire George Soros.

Isolated collisions have been reported. Doctors also demonstrated in Buenos Aires, voicing support for restrictions on freedom of movement and demanding higher wages and more medical equipment in their fight against the coronavirus.

On March 20, the Argentine government imposed severe restrictive measures to prevent the spread of the infection. They had some effect, as with a population of about 45 million people, there were 16,214 officially registered coronavirus infections, of which 528 died.

However, the measures also caused significant damage to Argentina’s already weak economy.

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