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Two Arab brides left months ago to spend the happiest moments of life, in a honeymoon that they did not expect to end up in this strange way.

The honeymoon began a few days after the wedding of the 36-year-old Egyptian man, Khaled Berry, 35, in Cairo, and they moved to Mexico from Dubai.

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In their early days, the groom was keen not to approach the crowded gatherings or places, according to the BBC.

But the course of events changed when they decided to return to the country via Turkey on March 19, as the Corona pandemic had ravaged the countries of the world.

When the two grooms arrived at Istanbul International Airport, they were not allowed to board the plane, as stone laws began to take effect in most countries, including Dubai and Egypt.

The grooms stayed for two whole days at Istanbul airport, and they were unable to purchase personal necessities, and they did not receive the baggage at that time.

When the grooms cut off hope of returning to the UAE or Egypt, they immediately searched for countries that could enter the Egyptians without a visa, and the choice fell on the Maldives.

The grooms were happy once they got travel approval to know that they will finally sleep on the beds, not on the airport seats.

The grooms spent a new month in a facility set up by the authorities for the stone on the island of “Olhuggiel”, with reduced costs.

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Khaled said in a statement to the agency, “They are making efforts to make our stay comfortable.” He added: “In the evenings they play music, and there is a DJ every day.”

The couple says that returning to the UAE will not be easy, as the authorities did not allow them to board the planes, because they are not citizens, and if they return to Egypt, the quarantine procedures will be applied to them for 15 days and they will not be able to return to Dubai.

The two grooms submitted an online request to the UAE government to allow them to return, and are now awaiting a response.

The groom Khaled expressed feelings of sadness when leaving any community because he was the last inmate in the pandemic that ravaged the tourism sector and said: “The staff are waving goodbye to you … you feel sympathy for them. Places like this must be crowded.”

“Whenever people tell us that we’re stuck in the Maldives, they laugh, and they say, ‘Would we have been there for you’. But the situation is not easy and full of tension. Enjoy your presence at home with the family,” she says.

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