“Ansar Allah”: Renewed air strikes by the coalition on Marib and Hajjah


Today, Friday, Ansar Allah group (Houthis) accused the Arab coalition of launching intensive air strikes in two governorates in northern Yemen.

Cairo – Sputnik. The Al-Masirah channel, speaking for “Ansar Allah”, reported that the coalition aircraft renewed the bombardment of Ma’rib Governorate, in north-eastern Yemen, with 13 strikes, which were distributed to the districts of Madghel and the butchery northwest of the governorate, hours after it carried out 3 raids on the Sarwah district, west of Ma’rib.

She added that the Hajjah governorate, northeast of Yemen, was subjected to 7 air strikes targeting the Haradh district, northwest of the governorate.

In another context, “Ansar Allah” said that the Saudi army launched a missile and artillery bombardment on populated villages in the districts of Razih and Manabah in the border province of Saada with Saudi Arabia.

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