“Angry lawyers were responsible for ticket affairs!” – The Daily Standard


Former secretary of state and nowadays bus driver Fred Teeven (VVD) thinks he knows who was behind the infamous receipt affair. According to the former crime fighter, who subsequently got involved in one of the biggest political scandals of the past decades, angry lawyers wanted to teach him a lesson.

Teeven was a guest to promote his book “More than catching crooks” in the talk show Op1. There, the former secretary of state for Security and Justice also spoke about the controversial receipt affair that cost him and Minister Ivo Opstelten.

According to Teeven, there was a lawyer who knew the ins and outs of the so-called Teevendeal, the deal that he then concluded as a prosecutor with drug trafficker Cees H., assuming that H. had ‘only’ two million guilders. . In reality it turned out to be a sloppy 22 million guilders. In return for a reduced sentence, H. paid back 750,000 guilders to the Dutch state. The rest is now history.

Teeven now claims that there was someone who had more information about the controversial settlement with Cees H. Someone who had every interest in leaking to the media. And now it comes: Fred Teeven thinks there was an angry lawyer responsible for that leak. After all, Teeven had come into conflict with the legal profession after he had cut back considerably on this.

Teeven himself said the following about Op1:

“I have no evidence for that. I heard that, but you can’t help it. But that could be a cause. ”

It remains a confused story. Teeven suspects something, shares that with television-watching the Netherlands, but invariably says that he has no evidence that it really happened that way. The question is therefore: Is Teeven just trying to wipe his own street or does he indeed have indications that someone from the legal profession has leaked information to the media?

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