Angelina is not late with the blow! Brad has already heard the worst!


Angelina Jolie wanted to impose further sanctions on the relationship between Brad Pitt and their children. The actress, who is too demanding of her ex-husband, has forbidden him to take their children to two places – to concerts of Kanye West and to guests at the home of the rapper and his wife Kim Kardashian. Mrs. Smith was very unhappy with the recent friendship between Pete and Kanye. The actor fell in love with the music of his new aver, in which he seeks similarities between his own compositions and religious hymns. However, Jolie was convinced that Kanye West and his work would have a negative impact on her children. So she literally gave an ultimatum to Pete: either the rapper and Kardashian, or the household. These days, Angelina has ordered one more thing: Shiloh not to step into her father’s mansion while Alia Shockart, the extravagant young colleague who shares Pete’s passion for muses, is a guest there. As it has already been heard, the actress, who is a quarter of a century younger than Brad, kept him company for exhibitions and performances. Jolie does not allow her daughters and sons to talk to Jennifer Aniston either. Brad Pitt has acquired a huge villa, which is a 15-minute walk from Jolie’s, to be closer to his children.

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