Andrea took a big fart from her ex-boyfriend Kubrat Pulev?


Andrea certainly took a big fart from her ex-boyfriend Kubrat Pulev. This is clear from a photo that the singer posted on the social network Facebook, but shortly after that she deleted it, HotArena claims. In the shot, Andrea has bruised and chapped lips, and the horrible shot is accompanied by a comment: “Sorry I told the truth.”

Fans suspected that the Cobra was furious after the scandalous revelations that Andrea made about him and his mistress Rosalie Petrova. It turned out that Pulev had maintained a parallel relationship with Andrea and the Rosalie in question for 4 years, with whom they even bought a shared apartment in downtown Sofia. Andrea even published a sales document with the names of the doves in love.

“In my case, unfortunately, I was misled that I knew my partner well, but it turned out that only I in little Bulgaria did not know that” my future husband “has serious boyfriends,” Andrea wrote.

She revealed how Cobra drove her crazy in front of his lovers and justified himself by saying that he could not dump her because he would commit suicide. At the same time, he asked her to marry and have a child.

According to well-informed sources, Pulev constantly broke up with Andrea, as some of his infidelities turned into serious relationships. One of them is the sultry gymnast Steliana Yankova. The beauty of Popovo regularly visited him in Germany, where the Cobra trained. Over the years, gossips whispered that Kubrat

she regularly physically abused Andrea, and precisely out of fear she could not find the strength to leave. Apparently now Kubrat is furious with Andrea and beat her once again.

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