Andrea hinted that she was brutally beaten by Kubrat Pulev (PHOTO)


The longtime partner of Kubrat Pulev – folk singer Andrea, posted a photo on Instagram, which shows that she was beaten. There are bruises on her face, and the singer wrote next to the photo “Sorry I told the truth”.

The message probably refers to Andrea’s recent revelations that The cobra lied to her and cheated on her for many years. With this, the singer implies that she was beaten by Pulev because of the things she wrote about the boxer on social networks.

So far, neither of them has made an official comment on their separation, as well as the reason for the quarrels between them. There is no information on where the actions took place and whether Andrea has lodged a complaint against the act committed against her.

The photo itself appeared on Andrea’s Instagram account, but was deleted shortly afterwards. The publication in which the singer revealed about the infidelities of the Cobras, was also deleted. Andrea also issued a document accusing Pulev of buying property with his lovers (details see here).

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