An Islamic preacher reveals the scenes of the death of Saleh Kamel … video


The Egyptian Islamic preacher, Sheikh Khaled al-Jundi, revealed the scenes of the death of the Saudi businessman, Sheikh Saleh Kamel, who died last Monday.

The soldier pointed out in the program, “May they understand” the radio broadcast on the Egyptian “DMC”, that the late Saleh Kamel died during the performance of Tarawih prayers.

He said on the authority of Sheikh Saleh Kamel: “He is an Egyptian Saudi, no less Egyptian than any Egyptian in our country, and he loved the poor in it, and he used to reach the womb and the scholars would like. God’s hands and moved to his mercy. “

The funeral of Sheikh Saleh Kamel was held last Tuesday in the Sacred Mosque in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, and his body was buried in Al-Ma’ala Cemetery, according to the Saudi newspaper “Okaz”.

Saleh Kamel was born in Mecca (1941) and received a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce in Riyadh, and he is one of the largest Arab investors in the field of media through the ART Network, Arab Radio and Television, in addition to his investments in many fields.

The beginning of Sheikh Saleh was in the Saudi Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, then he worked for 10 years in the Ministry of Finance as a financial advisor.

Sheikh Saleh left work in the Saudi government and went to private business, where he founded his giant company, “Dallah Baraka Holding” in 1969, which has investments in several areas inside and outside Saudi Arabia, such as Egypt and many countries of the world.

Saudi businessman Saleh Kamel has been rated in more than one Forbes ranking as one of the wealthiest Arabs and his wealth is estimated at several billion dollars.

And the last wives of Saleh Kamel is the Egyptian actress Safaa Abu Al-Saud, who has worked for years on “ART” channels, and has three children with whom he has sons from a previous marriage.

Sheikh Saleh was also among the Saudi personalities who were arrested by the Saudi authorities in November 2017, on the grounds of corruption cases, before he was released in settlements with the Saudi government and the committee that was chaired by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

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